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Volunteers Still Needed

Volunteering at the zoo is easy to do:

1.  Fill out a volunteer application at the zoo gift shop and return it to the gift shop volunteer on duty.

2.  Our Volunteer Coordinator will call you to schedule your training for the Gift Shop.

3.  You will work with an experienced cashier during training.  We want each volunteer to feel comfortable and capable before working alone.

4.  Our Volunteer Coordinator will arrange your schedule in the Gift Shop, based on your availability.  Remember, only a couple of hours a week can make a big difference.

That’s it!

THANK YOU for volunteering at the Applegate Park Zoo!!!


9 Responses to “Volunteers Still Needed”

  • Miranda C.:


    I am a third year pre-veterinary student at UCSC and I am very interested in volunteering at the zoo. I come home to Merced every other weekend. I was wondering what exactly volunteering at the zoo would entail? Would it be working with the animals directly?

    Thank you!

    • Hello Miranda! I’m sorry it took so long to respond to you – this website does not automatically notify me when I need to moderate comments.

      I will pass along your inquiry to the professional zookeepers tomorrow & ask them to contact you directly. When you are home, please stop by the zoo & talk with Janis – she’s filling in while the head zookeeper is out sick. Just tell the cashier at the gift shop that you need to see the zookeeper & they’ll let you in for free.

      Thanks for offering to help out!

      John Carlos
      VicePresident, Merced Zoological Society

  • Susana G:

    I submitted an application a while back. However, every time I went in to get my fingerprints done there was always a different reason as to why the fingerprints service wasn’t available. I still want to volunteer though as I love animals and would love to help. Would I have to submit another application or can I just go get my fingerprints done?

    Thank you!

    • Susana – Thank you for contacting us. Please go to the Merced Civic Center (city hall) at 18th & N Streets and ask for Michelle Hoyt in the Personnel Department on the first floor. Just tell her that you will be volunteering at the zoo Gift Shop & she’ll make an appointment for you to get your fingerprints taken. There seems to have been some confusion between the folks who used to do the fingerprinting & the city. The Sheriff’s Department is doing all the fingerprinting for the city now. If you don’t hear from us within 2 weeks after you have your prints taken, please contact me directly at & I’ll followup with the city. Hope to see you at the Gift Shop real soon!

      John Carlos
      Vice-President, Merced Zoological Society

  • YuriaH.:

    I am interested in being a veterinarian and thought that the experience as a volunteer at this zoo would be greatly apreciated and a great help in making a decesion whether this is the type of career I want to pursue. I will be going by your zoo and filling out an application later this day.

    • Hi! We appreciate your interest in our zoo & it could be a great way to explore your interest in a veterinary career. To volunteer with the zookeepers, call (209) 385-6840, or stop by Sunday through Thursday and talk with Donna.

      – John

  • Katie Z.:


    I would like to volunteer on the weekends, I too have started the process and it was held up never going anywhere. I would like to try again and look forward to being part of the great zoo team.


    • Thank you both for your interest in Applegate Park Zoo & our volunteer programs. The zoo utilizes volunteers 7 days a week. There are actually 2 different volunteer programs at the zoo – 1 through the Merced Zoological Society, working mainly in the Gift Shop, and the other through the City of Merced, working with the Zookeeper, assisting to maintain the animals and exhibits. To start the volunteer process, come to the zoo and get a Volunteer Application form from the gift shop if you want to work there, or talk with the Zookeeper about current opportunities with the animals.

      Again, thank you for wanting to help out at the zoo – hope to see you there soon!

      – John Carlos
      Merced Zoological Society VicePresident

  • breana:

    I am 18 and a senior in high school and love working with animals. I am interested of being a veterinarian. I have been around monkeys before and worked with them as well an its amazing. I want more experence with animals and I wanted to know if this would be good for me?

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